Friday, March 5, 2010

Free For All Friday- Book Recommendation

For this weeks Free for All Friday I'm going to share a great book that I recently read, one of those that you don’t want to put down. I will give you a short synopsis without ruining the book.

The main character is a journalist named Mikael Blomqvist, who has just recently had some legal troubles. He’s hired by Henrik Vanger to investigate the disappearance of his niece Harriet. Henrick is sure that someone in his family has something to do with Harriet’s haunting disappearance.

Michel meets up with the amazing, quirky Lisbeth Salander who is this crazy computer hacker and together they dive into the Vanger families past, and solve the family mystery.

This book has it all humor, a little love, and lots of mystery. Perfect balance! Have any books that you love? Please do share!!

Ps: There is a sequel called The Girl Who Plays With Fire, haven't read it yet... but I will :)


jonbishop said...

This is a great book. I've recommended it to at least 10 people. I just read Requiem for the Devil; you should check it out.

Dreams of Perfection said...

I have to read this if it is recommended by 2 people. I am in love with Dean Koontz Odd Thomas collection. It is so good. He would def. be my boyfriend in the book world :o)