Friday, April 23, 2010

Free for all Friday! Save the Dolphins!

Have you seen or heard of the documentary The Cove? It follows filmmakers Ric O'Barry,and Louie Psihoyos and animal activist to Taiji, Japan to expose the slaughtering of hundreds of innocent dolphins. Yesterday while watching an Oprah “Earth Day” special on this documentary I learned that from September to March, thousands of dolphins are slaughtered in this small body of water in Taiji. Some are spared and sold to marine parks around the world, but the rest are killed for their meat.

The movie was made to bring forth change in Japan, to stop the slaughtering and educate the people. In Japan dolphins are very commonly served and eaten.
Over the past 10 years, however, the dolphin meat tested in Japan has been deemed toxic by Japanese standards. This meat contains very high levels of mercury, which we know is extremely harmful to our bodies and potentially deadly.
When asked about the documentary the Mayor of Taiji responded that ;"The movie portrays false claims not based on science as if they are true. We regret that. It's important to mutually respect food culture based upon the understanding of long-standing traditions and circumstances in each region."

Here is a quote from yesterdays Oprah from one of the Film makers Ric O’barry:

“After watching The Cove, people will be shocked by the slaughter and inspired by the magnificence of these mammals. It's not about intelligence. It's about consciousness. They are self-aware like humans are self-aware, I don't believe that the fishermen are aware of that."

So what can you do you ask? It’s quite simple really just head over to and sign the petition.

* sorry for the long post but I feel very passionate about this. The only way we can make change is if we use are voice!

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