Sunday, February 6, 2011

Important Business to Discuss

I hope everyone had a fab weekend, I sure did. Why do they always end so quick??? I am very excited for my iphone to arrive this week! So we have some important business to discuss, I need a case and I need some help from my blog friends. I am SUPER clumsy so I need some help to protect my little precious.

I know Jen loves her case, and it's adorable but I'm afraid I would be a hot mess with this trying to get my phone out to actually make calls..

Kates Spaid has a little Polka Dot number

Or there is the striped one.... 

But.... I remembered a while back seeing an adorable floral case, looked very Boho I think it was from a Euro company.. Anyhow I loved it and I cannot remember where it was from.. boo

Any good recommendations?? Any adorable cases you can recommend?? OR any fun Apps I need to know about?

Trina Turk by some miracle if you are reading this can you please make an iphone case? Please and thank you!

UPDATE: here are some reader  suggestions.. I still cant find my floral boho one....

This is my favorite, but I wish that it was snug fitting. This is more like a sleeping bag

I also found these:

From here, here , here and here


Sarah said...

There are so many nice cases out at the moment.

I desperately want one of the Graphic Print Via Saks monogramed sleeves. One for each of the family of course - ipad, iphone and macbook.

Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE the polka dot cases. Wicked cute. I myself do not own an I-phone but if I did, I would go with the Kate Spade. :) Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have the polka dot Kate Spade case and LOVE IT! Also people ALWAYS ask me about it and tell me how cute it is! Highly recommend.

GretchenGale said...

How about one of these?
While catching up on my blog posts this morning I ran across these and right away wished I could morph my blackberry into an iphone :)

Dorotea Time said...

go for polka dot! i also got s polka dot one :3
yesterday my iphone fell down on the street :0
i was so glad i had a case. the case had a little crack but if it wasnt there i think my phone would have broken. thank good no car came...!

Anonymous said...

You are lucky, there are plenty of cases out there for the iphone 4 now. I had a difficult time finding one last August. Kate Spade has a cute one in the apple store, its a watercolor drawing on the back. There is another cover in the apple store, which i got, by agent 18. It's black rubber case with hearts in the back cover.very cutesy.good luck.

Nuha said...

I need a new cover too. I love the kate spade ones, and that last one (Abas hard shell) is so cute!

stephanie said...

Just wanted to share that when I did research on the gorgeously cute Kate Spade cases, a lot of patrons appeared disappointed. The cases shattered easily, and I've actually opted to go for a style by InCase. Just wanted to send out that thought before you get an amazing case that doesnt last long from a drop.
I'm horrendously clumsy with my phone as well!

bazaarofserendipity said...

Thanks a bunch Stephanie so glad I didn't buy it yet!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

These are all great picks! :)))))
Happy VDAY!