Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blacked Out

I know I know yesterdays post was all bright and happy, today not so much! Were going black today, I gotta say it kinda matches my mood today. UGH

Whythe dark mood? Well this whole house hunting prospect has quickly turned from enjoyable to stressful. What is in our price limits in "southern cal" no less and what I would like are two very different things. I tend to be the type of person who thinks and over thinks everything and this is no exception. I can see potential in places quite easily but taking the leap and hoping everything will turn out as it should just feels very overwhelming right now.

Any advice from my lovely readers for a first time home buyer who is a huge stress case/ nervous wreck?

Do you think that because "we" are the type of people who love design, decorating and all things beautiful that it can sometimes be a disservice to us? Or is it a gift ?

Images: flair via plush palate, Sketch 42, Decorista, Elle Decor


Gabrielle | Savvy Home said...

I think that the most important thing from the start is to define exactly how much work you are prepared to put into the place, identify the costs associated and make sure it's all feasible..

Other than that I think that, no matter how small or old, a house with character, a good flow and lots of light will always go a long way :) And an outdoor area is always important!

Hope that helps, I'm sure you'll find your diamond in the rough and work wonders!

allthingsposh said...

your blog is truly inspiring and is quickly becoming one of my daily must reads. i am sure that with your eye and sense of style, you will be able to turn any house into a home. on that note, when i was searching for Seattle apartments during college (on a typical college student's budget), I found it helpful to take pictures of potential purchases, tack them up on an inspiration board, and add my own annotations on how to decorate/"improve"/manage each space. it is a nice way to easily visual all your possibilities... and if nothing else, it is a good way to challenge yourself while loosely documenting your house hunting endeavors :) good luck with the rest of the process.

Titti @ Shoestring Pavilion said...

I think it's a gift to love all things beautiful. We just have to temper that love with some realism sometimes. It's impossible to at all times have everything exactly the way we would want it. Maybe make the most of what's there until we can afford/find the perfection we seek. Many people don't stay in their first house for the rest of their life so maybe this would be a time for compromise and then make the best of it?
To be able to afford beautiful things I DIY a lot. It's a lot slower than buying things already finished and letting it take time is my compromise :)
Just my 2 cents (and we've been in our 1st house for 2 years now).

................. said...

I LOVE black walls...and how gorgeous is that black kitchen WOW!!!!
Love your pug...I have 2. YAY to pug lovers!!! BTW beautiful blog:-)