Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sabrina Linn's Glam Loft Decorating

So I posted last week in my House Inspiration these pictures, simply because I love the hardware that Sabrina used. Then I popped over to one of my favorite blogs Full House, and Christina has also posted that she was trying to find a source for the hardware..

Christina Found this and thought that you could just cut it in half.. 

Here is the kitchen hardware

BUT then I found this House and Home's website that has small video clips and they had the source for her hardware as Elte,Toronto (416) 785-7885, 1-888-276-3583 or visit; library-style hardware, Lee Valley Tools, call 1-800-267-8767 or visit, Hardware, Toronto (416) 462-3099 or visit;

 So basically Im going to have to call these places and try to figure out if they had this, or if in fact she did buy them from Leevalley and cut them like Christina thought..  SABRINA if by some chance you see this post.. Where did you get your bathroom hardware :-)

To check out a HOUSE TOUR click on the link below!!!

Glam Loft Decorating


Chic Coles said...

Amazing how that hardware makes the kitchen and bath. We remember seeing it in the post may have written it down some were. will look back in our notes. Good luck.

Full House said...

Gina you are such a great researcher. I hope Sabrinna is reading this because I too would like to know where the hardware is from. I actually do think she didn't cut it in half because it looks raised and not flat.

Hope all is well!

xx - CB

Elizabeth said...

I too, think they are raised handles so she prob used Elte. Stop by my blog for an awesome giveaway!
-e (

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

hardware makes all the difference. This one in particular is so super chic and grabs one's attention right off the bat. Just lovely!! :)))) I also like that it comes in both gold & silver.