Saturday, July 16, 2011

Give me the Truth

Sooo we sign Escrow papers today, and hopefully we will have the keys by mid next week! YEAH!!!
I am deep into the "research" process as far as the kitchen goes (shocker I know). Any who I thought that I would be going with quartz counter tops but now I am sort of leaning toward marble. I have read the pros and cons online... And basically what I am leaving with is that Quartz is easier to take care of. However, since I've priced it it's about twice as much... I like the look of marble better, In fact I love the look... But, I am a cooker. I cook every night so I don't want something that is WAY high maintenance. If it just means taking so extra precautions then I am totally fine with that.. I mean look how pretty it is!

So tell me people what kind of counter tops do you have? Hows the upkeep? MARBLE people tell me about it! Help!!

This is the marble I saw.. Very good price! And gorgeous!!!!!
Also stunning.. This is the quartz 



Elizabeth said...

I don't have either one of these but I think the marble is prettier. A friend of mine has marble and it is really old and stained with wine and stuff and it looks amazing and has tons of character. Really looks like a foodie who loves life and cooking lives there. Go for the marble!
-e (

aLena said...

I have Calcutta Marble throughout my whole kitchen ... and its something that ended up being a long debate before we got it.

We looked through all the forums and blogs online trying to get a little insight before deciding ... and overall i decided that its just not for everyone... it depends how you are as a person and if you are willing to take the extra precaution to take care of it.

We've been fully using our kitchen since around april and honestly we haven't had any major stains or etching since then. Recently my cousin left a few spot of pepperchini juice on the counter overnight and that left etching but its very minor and im the only thats been noticing.

I dont regret our decision at all and know that I wouldn't be as happy with our kitchen if I went with granite .. the one thing thats been a life safer is we have a huge farmhouse sink that came with a wooden cutting board accessory (from ikea) I do all of my messy cutting and mixing on it so I dont even have to worry about the marble countertops - If you are going with marble I would recommend having an island or any other surface thats something other than marble so you can have a "messy area"

Sorry this comment is getting extremely long, but lastly in your scenario if you like the look of quartz better than marble and you say its more durable .. then I would spend the extra money and get the quartz ... having a perfect kitchen is worth the extra money!!

Anonymous said...

I have white venatino marble in my kitchen.... I adore the look, but it is very difficult to keep it perfect. I like things perfect!

If you don't mind scratches, etching and stains - it will be fine. I personally can't allow that to happen - my own hang up : ( so I use the stainless steel counter top on the back wall of the kitchen to do everything. I try not to put anything on the marble - crazy I know! It's very impractical for me - but I love the look!

Best wishes

Unknown said...

I've ordered Calacatta for my kitchen and I can't wait- I know it's going to be harder to keep pretty but in the end, I think it's worth it- I also think that like wood, the little stains/scratches along the way just add to it's charm.

jacquelyn | lark + linen said...

the quartz may have just made my heart skip a beat

Mel@Georgica Pond said...

I've been going through the same dilemma for the past year and just can't give up the marble bench top no matter how many people tell me I'm mad and how high maintenance it is. It's just too beautiful and I can't live without it. Am prepared to take on all the scratches and stains that happen and take extra care looking after it. I know if I don't get the marble I will always be sorry and wish I had. So just going to take the plunge and suffer the consequences if there are any. I have been told honed is more hardy than polished though, so will probably go down that path.

Kitchen Benchtops said...

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