Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Sooo Excited that it's September! Not only is it predicted to be the most beautiful weather all year in San Diego, but It also means my Birthday is here!! In two days that is! Last year I was a little bitter bear on my birthday. No mam not this year! This year I'm celebrating! My hubby took the day off work so were planning to head down town for the day, to do a little shopping, and then that night were meeting with a big group of friends doing Sushi dinner and hitting my favorite local bar after! I'm hoping the night will be filled with lots of laughs and Journey on the juke-box!

My husband is pretty good at picking out presents, and I know he's had a little help from a friend this year (thanks Z) But hey I thought it would be fun to share with you whats on my birthday list!

1. A Michael Kors Watch!

Dont even care which one! I just want a big round gold one! Love all of them on his website!

2. This Cozy Anthro Hoodie! It will be perfect for chilly fall nights on the porch!

3. Adorable Elephant Earrings. Yes, I know I have elephant everything. Cant help it I love them!

Thats it!

But honestly I dont care about all the Stuff so much Im just excited to be celebrating with my buddies!


Suzie said...

Awww, Happy Birthday!

bazaarofserendipity said...

thanks love!

Anonymous said...

Happy Early Birthday. My Husband's is today!

Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

Happy Early Birthday! I have a Michael Kors gold chunky watch and I wear it all the time. You will get so much use out of it!

I also love anything with elephants and I have had my eye on those earrings too!

Great choices!