Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zebrine Wallpaper

I first fell in love with Rose Cumming's Zebrine Wallpaper when I saw it a while back in this image in Domino Magazine..

Then Erin over at Elements of Style posted this image:

And it reminded me of how much I love this wallpaper. Wouldn't it be so cute in a tiny bathroom, with this mirror:

And a cute little Pedestal Sink like this one: (although I'd change the hardware)

Images:Domino, Elements of Style Blog, Design Milk, American Standard-Us

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Dayka Robinson said...

LOVE that mirror. LOVE.

Dreams of Perfection said...

Those def. would make a small bathroom! Esp. w/ the blue & white wallpaper!

hello gorgeous said...

Yes, I love that wallpaper, too. I like your post on yellow as well and feel much the same way.

Thanks for your comments on my blog.