Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lucite Lamp

Clearly Im having a lucite moment! I totally heart it, no matter what form its in! Lately I have been loving the Kartel lucite lamp, only problem is that it doesn't exactly scream beach cottage!
Also available in gold and silver. Since I'm having a gold moment... I want the gold!

Available here

Images: Graham and Green,


Natasha @ Northern Light Design said...

Very cute image! I also love the wall decals, shoes and all!!

Lovely blog you have, discovered via Pudel-design from Germany... Looking forward to exploring further :)

Northern Light

Kathysue said...

This lamp has been on my radar for awhile now and I am just waiting for the right place to put it in. I just had a light bulb moment(no pun intended) I know where it will be perfect. Thanks for the nudge!! Happy Saturday!! Kathysue

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

I love the Bourgie too - been tossing up for a while now on this one!