Monday, April 11, 2011


Soo about half way though the gigantic Home Fabrics Store I remembered that I was a blogger and I needed to take some pics to share with you!! Helloo.. Ok so here are some fab ones I saw..

BTW did I tell you that the store is HUGE and everything is $6-12 a yard!! So San Diego friends you need to go to this place!

Ok here are my Estate Sale finds!! And since I'm such a good bargain shopper I talked them down to $18 each!! amazing right!

I think I will end up painting this black or white and then do the David Hicks La Florintina Fabric on this!

I loved this guy, I think its very Dorothy Draper Esq!

Hope you all had a fab weekend!! I will be sharing some more pics from my weekend tomorrow..


LaShaune said...

I read your blog often, but haven't posted a comment until today. I just bought sheer curtains for my bedroom in the pattern of the 1st fabric photo. Love them.

And that dresser is just adorable.

Unknown said...

Wow! Great finds! I would love love love to hit up that fabric store.. amazing prints!

LiveLikeYou said...

Looks like lots of fun. Great fabrics and great finds!! I go nuts in places like that...suddenly need lots of things...

Unknown said...

Great finds! Love your Dorothy Draper chest.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

wow VERY Dorthy it. :)))

The Glam Lamb said...

Amazzzzing finds!! Can't wait to see the outcome!