Friday, April 1, 2011

House Inspiration.. All about the details

Here is my house inspiration for this week! This post is all about the small details on a house, the things that make it sing!!! On the first images I saved it simply because I loved the hardware, isn't it funny how the smallest detail can draw you right in?! Now don't get me wrong that closet is to die for.. But mostly love the hardware! Anyone have a source for that ?

Love the Kitchen hardware and the marble back splash, not to mention the shaker cabinets. Gorg!

I love this tile floor and that yummy piece of furniture the sink is on is pretty fab too!
I love how the detergent is in glass jars! Who knew the soap could look so great!

Happy Friday!! 


Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

These images are really beautiful! I LOVE that you pointed out the detergent in the glass bottles- I hadn't noticed that! and it's a GREAT idea!

tina - Half Of What I Say is Meaningless said...

That hardware on the vanity is divine. Love the pops of yellow throughout the house. Am on the search for my own pair of patent yellow shoes and I spy some there in the closet. Gorgeous home!

iDesign said...

Great inspiration! I love the bathroom hardware as well. I also think I am going to have to steal the idea of placing mirror/reflective material at the bottom of the cabinet. I think this will go great with my Trina Turk area rug I purchased for my bathroom. I also love how containers were used in the laundry room.

All in all a great post.

Melissa @ Rooms said...

That bathroom is lovely! Yellow is such a great color to use in a bathroom space! I am glad I found your blog - I am your newest follower! Visit my blog at and maybe follow me back? :)

LiveLikeYou said...

I want a fancy laundry room like that!!