Friday, April 15, 2011

House Inspiration.. Obsessed

This weeks house inspiration is from Jamie Herzlinger, from the new TRADhome mag. I absolutely love this house, and have posted some of the images before.. But it's one of those that I just cant get enough of!

I mean how gorgeous are these outdoor black and white stripe curtains leading into the fabulous dining area, of the most amazing lucite chairs!!

This bed and bath are my favorite part! I mean can we get any more glam than this? I think no!

Images: TRADhome jamie herzlinger


Love Design Company said...

i wouldn't normally call myself a traditionalist but oh my goodness.. this magazine is fantastic. i especially love the turquoise dining room. Happy I found you!

Unknown said...

I am blown away with this home! I would never get board looking at it :)

Vanessa Stern said...

Drop dead gorgeous! LOVE!

Rashon Carraway said...

I have this huge love affair with black and white, so this space really really speaks my language.
I havent yet had the opportunity to see all of the new TradHome, but this makes me want to put everything down and just go from cover to cover.

Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

Full House said...

Gina..I love Jamie and her talent. You know she is from AZ and I had the pleasure of going to lunch to get to know her. She is so sharp..made me like her work even more.

Hey and I just got your email about Sabrina. You are awesome to send that over. I will try to see if I know what she is talking about with the hardware when I get back from my hot date.

Have a fabulous weekend pretty lady.

LiveLikeYou said...

Super cool!! How nice to be able to how outdoor curtains. I live in the wrong part of the world!!