Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kid Furniture Heaven

I think I have babies on the brain since one of my best friends is pregnant with TWINS!! Can you imagine! I have a little feeling one is going to be a girl and one a boy since they are fraternal. So naturally I want to decorate a nursery! And I want to do it with little mini adorable furniture.. Have you checked out Jennifer Delonge furniture? It's mini  and to die for!

Adoralbe right?? I cant wait to help docorate this nursery!


Nicole Terry Merrell said...

Dang, that's some good looking furniture..I haven't heard of her. Nursery's are becoming such popular rooms, there so in!

Unknown said...

OMG these are super cute! I want to see a little munchkin on top of them. I've been in nursery-ville lately too. Just redid my daughter's room to be more toddler-like, and did a nursery scheme for a friend (I should mention this is just a hobby, but it's SO fun!)



Unknown said...

I love it all! Beautiful colors. Perfect for the twins!!!

Love ya,

Unknown said...

This is all so cute!!! Perfect for the twins!!!