Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Bit Of This and That

Lately I've had my eye on Adorable little accessories, Especially adorable little plates! I have good luck finding them at antique stores, but anthropologie also has TONS of cute ones!  I am planning on doing a mini plate wall in the beach cottage, and I want it to be whimsy and fun just like the beach!

here's some things I'm lovin right now:

Etsy Vases
Anthro Accessories

Henry Allen Pig!!  love him!

 What accessories have you been loving?



Just A Girl said...

What's the link/seller of the etsy vases? So cute! Great gift!

bazaarofserendipity said...

You can get to them by clicking on Etsy vases above or here is the

designchic said...

I love them all, but oh, those vases I adore!

Lauren @ The Semi-Designed Life said...

Love your blog! I just installed a mini plate wall with Anthro plates above my TV to dress it up a bit. I think I have to have that adorable gold porker in my house immediately.

You can see my inspiration and final product on my blog here: