Friday, March 25, 2011

House Inspiration

Sooo me and the Hubmistro have started to look for our first home so of course my inspiration file is piling up!! I thought each week I would share what I've found and what I'm diggin about it.. It makes the process so much more fun for me, I constantly find myself decorating whole rooms in my head. Can you relate? Sometimes I even dream up whole rooms, then I wake up and I'm like wow where did that come from. ahhaha

Pretty much love it all, but especially the floors and french doors! yummy

Love the bolster Greek key pillow, along with the doors. It looks like they took super plain doors taped off to have the look of molding and threw on a little paint.. Great weekend DIY (btw: Frog tape is the best for this)

Oldie but a goodie, Love that Chesterfield Sofa and the built in bookcase.. 

I like this because the sofa in the picture is really similar to the one I already have..  I love that graphic molding.. Looks very Palm Springs chic.. and lets not forget the metallic pouf.. Loves it. 

Love the settee! And that inspiration board is pretty fab! 


Corinna said...

Love your blog here(now following)! I just featured the pouf in a previous post... love them!Feel free to stop by my blog CoCo Wray at xxx CoCo

Liz said...

While my hub and I are far from buying a house, whenever we move into a new place I find myself laying away at night and getting now sleep because I'm dreaming of how to decorate! So I TOTALLY relate to this!

DecRenew Interiors said...

Fun photos and love the settee too!