Friday, September 17, 2010

Readers Bargains Revealed!!

So excited to share some reader bargains with you! I loved reading the emails, and the little story behind them! It has definitely inspired me to do a little thrifty shopping this weekend!

Ok so I have to share with the you the email I got from this amazing bookshelf! It totally made me smile! Here's what Bri had to say

"I found on Craigslist a few months ago for $50. I don't have a truck so I had to sucker my sister into taking me in her sporty sports hatch back car to pick it up, needless to say it didn't fit in the damn car! I had to have it, owners had a huge SUV but I didn't dare ask, we all stood there just staring at each other trying to come up with a solution and started making small talk, as soon as I mentioned that I use to be in the military it was as if I was Moses and the waters parted for me the nice man and his wife offered to deliver it for me. Moral of the story is people like people in uniform.

So here's my thrifty advice, join the military do your time become a veteran, or smile be nice and expect great things in return."

check out her blog here 

Next is another Amazing bookshelf where Erin said Everything on it is from a garage sale, thrift sale, or ebay, and that people love to come over and see what she has added to it! Don't ya just love that!

The next item is this amazing night stand, everything on it is from a thrift store and its all under $20! 

Here's Samantha beautiful living room! Check out her bargains! She bought the candle sticks on the coffee table at Home Goods for less than $15 for both and purchased the pillow covers from Etsy!  The mercury lamps on the console table are from Target and were $50 for the pair and she added the green ribbon trim to tie in the green accent. (I have the same lamps and love them)
Ok get ready to be jealous for this next one. It's by far the best deal at only $8, Fran got it at the Goodwill! How come my Goodwill doesn't have faux bamboo?!

Fran's bargain tip is: "Don't be scared of a goodwill shop.  I find the most amazing things there at ridiculously low prices.  Lately, I've been finding a lot of ginger jar lamps (in good condition) around $4!  You can't beat that!''

check out here post on it here

And last but not least check out Maria's chair! It was FREE! She found it on the side of the road, gave it a new paint job and some fabric, and it's an adorable chair for her office!

I hope that you feel a little inspired by this post and all the amazing finds! Go bargain shopping this weekend! Don't be afraid to hit up the Goodwill, Garage Sales, Estate Sales, and Thrift Stores! I think you will be surprised that the little treasures you will find! 


Jenn @ Living Luxe for Less said...

What amazing deals! Love the bamboo pillow covers and the mirror. I'm with Goodwill never has faux bamboo! Do you know the seller's name for the cute green pillow covers?

bazaarofserendipity said...

I Will find out for ya and get back to you!