Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lexi's Mood Board

I thought it might be fun for you to see the process of creating a mood board. Usually the client has some inspiration pictures as well as some color preferences. Since most of the clients are Internet friends the best way to get a feel for what they want is through their inspiration photos.

Here are Lexi's:

Lexi said her favorite color is PINK that she loovveess it but that she wasn't so sure the hubby would be on board with that... She also liked Teal, Orange, and Navy.

Lexi admitted that like most of us she changes her mind A LOT, so I created a neutral backdrop so that when your mood changes you can easily change out pillows and and accessories to change the look of the room.

Had to do one with a little big of pink, but not enough to drive the Hubby away

And last we have the orange.

Which do you prefer?


Unknown said...

I love them all but my favourite is the one with the pink- I'm just a total sucker for pink and I love it in combination with the trellis pillows- the grey, pink, and blue all work together really nicely. Can I ask how you put your moodboards together? I just posted an inpiration room that I put together using powerpoint but I like how yours are more 3-D looking.
Thanks and love your designs:)

Suzie said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!

ALR said...

I prefer the orange. All are gorgeous!

Amy R.

Fran said...

They're all great but I have to say the orange is my favorite!

Titti @ Shoestring Pavilion said...

The pink is my favorite, love how the pink contrasts with all the whites and soft colors. Since I'm a big fan of color I'd probably have used more pink or a mix of pink and orange or maybe pink and acid green pops. But that's just me :)

lexi said...

Husband picked orange! Thanks so much. Love it!

bazaarofserendipity said...

your so welcome Lexi, seems like most liked the orange. So glad your happy ;-)

Lonely Wife Project said...

I'm on a comment binge, but I needed to tell you how talented you are!

Jennifer said...

Can you tell me the source of the headboard and mirrored nightstand in the 3rd picture down? Thank you! (Just found your blog and went through eight months of posts... you have great content!)