Thursday, May 5, 2011

House Inspiration

The house hunt is going strong, and so is my inspiration folder! hehe Lately lots of the images are similar to the one's below. I'm loving the soft blueish gray hue's with mixes of gold, and bright white. I would describe my decorating as style as clean and chic with a nod at Hollywood Regency.. Kinda a mix right, but hey I love it all!!

Love the elegant yet funky mix of patterns.. SOOO FAB 
I absolutely adore this kitchen, don't know If I could do gold hardware though.. I'd be afraid it wasn't as timeless.. 

Are ceiling in the beach cottage is blue, and I swear it was probably the best decorating decision I've ever made, when ever I look up it makes me happy! I was real nervous to do it but soo glad I did!! 

I DIE over this wall molding! Yummy

I know I'm not going to have windows like this, clearly I live in San Diego not San Francisco... but a girl can dream right?

Happy Friday!!!!!!

Images: Full House, Elle Decor, Alkamie, uk

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LiveLikeYou said...

Gina you have the best inspiration pictures. Now I need cool blue all over my house!! I am looking for elkins bar stools.