Saturday, July 17, 2010

He Only Takes the Best

As I shared with you last week that I had been at hospice with my grandfather and family, until he passed on July 5th. Now were approaching the weekend of his funeral and although I know he is at peace and no longer suffering from Parkinsonism, Im still not ready to say goodbye. My grandfather was one of the kindest men I have ever known. Him and I were a lot alike we both adored animals and loved to make things beautiful. His heart was soo big and full of love and we all felt it simply through his presence. He was one of the hardest working men I have ever known,  he loved working with his hands making cars and things beautiful.  He owned an Upholstery Shop for years (always full of a minimum of 10 animals) he loved his work, and he loved his family. We have all been so blessed to have him in our lives.  

God saw that you were getting tired,
And a cure was not to be;
So He picked you up in His arms,
And whispered, Come with Me.
With tearful eyes we watched you suffer,
And watched you fade away;
Although we loved you dearly,
We couldn't make you stay.
Your heart of gold stopped beating,
Your tired hands laid to rest;
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
He only takes the best.

Grandpa you will never know how much I will miss you. I will miss your smile and your laughter, sitting on your lap and making you smile, you telling me that I'm you favorite granddaughter (since I'm your only granddaughter) You teasing me about Lilly, Us watching dog shows together, I will miss passing my plate down for you to finish, I will even miss trying to clean your  always dirty finger nails. I could go on for pages about all the things I will miss. 
I know we are kindred spirits, and I promise you that will never change. I will meet you in heaven someday, but until then rest assured you will live on in my heart.  I love you!


ashlina {the decorista} said...

my grandfather recently passed too. He was like my 2nd dad and it was so hard to watch him go. I still think of him everyday. He was the greatest man I have ever known. He is the person who encouraged me to start blogging! So, i write every single day for him.
My love is with you sweetie! He is in heaven with my grandpa...they are living it up, keeping an eye on us and rejoicing! :)

Alexus Parker said...

That was a beautiful tribute to your Grandfather. Peace be with you.

Teresa said...

Keep your wonderful spirit and focus on God. It will take some time, but stay positive and things will get better. God bless you and your family.

Suzie said...

A beautiful post.

The Single Nester said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Tomorrow is the 3 month anniversary of my brother's passing and it has not gotten easier.